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Ministry of Heritage Baptist Church
Spring Branch, TX
Pastor James Leinneweber

This is a Bible Study conducted on Wednesdays in the main auditorium of the church. We are attempting to take a Bible book or topic and find what the Bible has to say about them. Using the Bible as its own commentary, so that anyone, regardless of experience or education, can ...
* read
* learn
* practice
... sound Biblical principles for God's help in a troubled world.

In other words, you do not have to know the Bible to know what the Bible is saying. An amazing remark, but true.

 1.  When -
The studies are conducted Wednesdays at 7pm, finished by 8:15, prompt. Participants may stay to ...
* visit
* discuss
* fellowship
... with friendly, loving people

 2.  Where -
Directions to the church are simple, click here to see a map, address and phone

 3.  What -
The Study is easy, yet informative and useful when dealing with ...
* Children
* Finances
* Employer
* Spouse
* Parents
* Health
* or trying to help others who are dealing with same

 4.  How -
See the Bible Study Guidelines
* Quick moving
* Casual
* Interactive
(voluntary, no one is called on to: answer questions, read Scriptures, pray, give an opinion, etc. - but all may participate at the level in which they feel comfortable)
* Context based
(most all comments and instruction are based on the context of the chapter(s) being read - therefore everyone is on an equal footing)
* Applicable
* Nothing to buy
(no CD's, books, notebooks, tapes, videos, etc.)
* No mandatory homework

 5.  Who -
You and others like you who are looking for answers to life's difficult questions and situations

 6.  Questions -
Contact us with our eMail Dispatcher

The study is led by Steve Andres ...
* evangelism missionary
* conference speaker
* former pastor
and a pretty fair windmill fixer

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